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Summi Akther:

Our vision is to be the leading source to empower individuals and families in the U.S. through caring and compassionate services to help combat homelessness and poverty, reduce family dysfunction, lower divorce rates, and to encourage the society to become welcoming and accepted by all.

Mission Statement
The mission of Muslim Family Services (MFS) is to assist, educate, and facilitate the success and flourishment of people by providing caring and compassionate services. Our mission is for the community to develop a strong bond of humanity through the various social services and community development projects the organization has to offer for individuals and families in America.

Core Principles
  1. Muslim Family Services (MFS) supports free enterprise, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
  2. MFS acknowledges that all human beings deserve the basic necessities of life, such as shelter, clothing, and food.
  3. MFS believes that everyone has the right to the basic necessities regardless of their gender, age, religion, or ethnicity.
  4. MFS is committed to provide the basic needs to all members of the society.
  5. MFS sympathizes with the displaced adults and children such as refugees, orphans, or victims of domestic abuse; and understands the importance of providing special attention and accommodation
  6. MFS cooperates and works with all organizations with a common vision and goals.
  7. MFS is a faith based service that is dedicated to assist all Americans despite of their gender, age, religion, or ethnicity.
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